Are your pets going nuts?

Last week something happened that was upsetting. There is nothing wrong with that as I often get upset, but this time the level of upset was out of the ordinary for me. I wondered, what just happened? Why am I reacting this way?

Then, during the night, my pet dog PB was extremely unsettled. She barked at a bug lamp, then at the fan, in fact all electronic items she went over to and barked at. I turned them all off one by one until she then fell back to sleep. 

Afterward, I remembered that before going to sleep, I had gone to the livingroom and unplugged the TV set. 

I like having a TV to watch documentaries, high-frequency videos from the internet and tutorials about things that I like to do, like painting, gardening, cooking, and fixing things like appliances, door knobs or whatever might be broken and I want to fix.  However, the past few days, I have not been able to turn the TV on without getting very, very irritated. Even when it is playing stuff I like.

Then, this morning, Larry sent me several reports of pets and other animals going absolutely crazy around the world. Like, really, really nuts. Hurting themselves and others, totally randomly.

I remembered that yesterday I was unpacking one of our boxes (we are still moving into our new home) and I picked up a little device we had purchased many years ago that you plug into the wall and it irritates mice and insects to stay away. I held it in my hand for quite some time, just staring at it. I thought about putting it somewhere but then thought not to because we had a pet rodent and it would really upset him if we did.

Still I held that thing in my hands for about five minutes (a long time to randomly hold something and stare at it for no reason at all).

Then, this morning all the pieces came together.

Why we have been feeling irritated so much lately around the planet, why the pets are going nuts, why devices we normally have around the house are no longer able to be on, and … CERN.

Well, not just CERN but all the tech we are using in order to keep us in low-frequency and small awareness states. 

Here is a list of the ones we are most familiar with:

  • CERN
  • 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, 1G (in that order)
  • Radio waves
  • TV waves
  • Satellite waves
  • Wifi
  • Microwaves
  • Chemtrails
  • Nanoparticles in the food
  • GMO in our food
  • Ingredients added to medication and health treatments.
  • Fear porn (the news and most other movies and shows).
  • Overwork, undernourishment, lack of sleep, and dehydration.

OK, so there’s your list. Reduce as many of these as you can from your life, and you will have good results.

Most importantly, you are not a victim of this, as you are now aware of it, you can stop these things from dictating how you respond.

Go from reaction to response in life, and your life will change dramatically.

How about our pets?

This is also true about our pets. As I turned off more and more devices and lights, my dog PB finally was able to take a deep breath and go to sleep.

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