Internal Conflict – Do you feel like giving up?

OH, the month of October 2022 is fascinating to me as a mystic.  We talked about it in our view of 2022 video, what was in the books for us for October, but we didn’t really feel the intensity of it until we were in the middle of it.

We had another article ready for you for the middle of October, but it feels relevant for me to talk about this now, rather than later.

Larry and I delivered the Enlightenment Class in September 2022. To me, this class accomplishes the delivery of critical information which will home in and guide us toward the co-creation of your chosen paradigm on Earth. It showed the power and the programs which are used to separate us and remove us from our support systems.  After that class, many energies converged to bring this about on the planet. 

Infighting and separation is rampant at the moment. 

The separation energy is what feels interesting to me, but both are important, so let’s take a look at them:

  • Separation: The lonewolf is being activated to the tenth degree right now.
    We know that an abuser will systematically separate their victim from their support system, loved ones and knowledge base. If we take actions to separate ourselves from those individuals and groups that support our frequency, we fall into loneliness and desperation that will make us vulnerable. It may feel that being apart will be easier, but it is not.
    Thoughts of disappointment in your choice of Paradigm, or of yourself, which lead to separation, sickness and death, those thoughts are artificial and we can clearly see them as such by using our truthing tools.
    If you do feel like separating yourself from your support systems right now, pause that for four months. Nothing bad will happen if you simply pause the separation. In four months, if you still feel the same way, go ahead and separate. Leave your group, have a sabbatical, do whatever you planned to right now in response to that urge.
    There will be lots and lots of reasons (reasonable and good reasons) to separate. Don’t do it now. Separation is division and weakness. Together we are strong. 
  • Infighting: This is happening within each person as well as within groups and organizations. A lot of “us vs them” energies too. Inside the person, it is about giving up on life, feeling that what we are doing is laughable and ineffective. Reminds me of the story of the angel and the demon saying the same thing, but heard as opposite actions.  Also, we may start having different feelings and symptoms in our bodies than we have in our minds and souls, such as our bodies feeling tired, when our minds are full of energy.
    To counteract this, we need to remember that this too will pass, and also be aware that it is not us, but that the energies on Earth are being amplified (thus the duality of the energy of infighting).
    Within groups and organizations, we will continue to see completely opposing viewpoints and internal conflict regarding important issues on Earth. “Importances” is a topic we will be looking much more in depth in our next class.
    Remember that our tools DO have an effect on these items, and one of the easily shared tools is this very article. This article brings awareness  of what is happening, and the effect the present energies on Earth have on us, is thereby diminished. We may still feel or think those things, but they don’t have a strong effect on us. 

That’s it. 

Stay strong, stay together and stay aware. Don’t let this take you out of the role you are here to do, which is all about connection. When you feel like severing connection to the expanded awareness sources, know it as a red flag. Don’t fall for it.

See you on the other side 🙂

Inelia Benz

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