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2012 and Earth Ascension

The North American sea oil spill is prominent on the news at the moment.  The devastating effects of offshore drilling is in the world’s eye.  This is very significant.  Not that the oil is spilling, or that the “world is bleeding” as some sensationalists have put it.   The world is not bleeding, as oil is … Read the full article

Using Dreams for Ascension

Ascension work is all about moving from a lower vibrational level to a higher, more empowered and much more pleasant one.  The ultimate aim is to live in a state of Oneness, and experience our Masterhood while in this physical body and this individual identity. We do this with very simple steps. One of the … Read the full article

The Fear of Ascension

The fear of ascension has many layers. To begin with, a person doesn’t know what ascension is all about, they might think it is just about a specific time, and this bring in a whole load of fear. Then there is the fear of the person who has been working on their personal growth for … Read the full article

Brian Weiss – Awakening Master

Ascension is not just about reaching the state of Oneness. Ascension starts at the moment of awakening, and continues throughout our lives for as long as we work on our personal growth. Dr. Brian Weiss is one of those pioneers who have brought deep teachings and understanding of our infinite lives into the West. This … Read the full article

Shifting Dimensions

There’s a lot of talk about the Earth and humanity going to the 4th Dimension, or skipping the 4th Dimension and going straight to the 5th Dimension, or about beings from the 9th Dimension channeling information for us to use on our shift to another, higher, dimension.  So what does this mean exactly? What it … Read the full article

To Eat Meat, or Not to Eat Meat, that is the question.

Extracted and edited for general release from the Spiritual Ascension 101 Course There is a lot of feelings, judgment and attachment to the views of eating meat and also not eating meat in our daily diet.  These are based on medical considerations, moral considerations, religious and spiritual considerations.  What we are concerned with, while doing … Read the full article