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Why do we get sick?

Note: this is NOT medical advice. For medical advice go to your doctor. When we get sick during our ascension work, and I mean actively working on our Spiritual Growth, sickness is always a red flag.  It is caused by a block of energy in one of our bodies.  Our bodies are the physical body, … Read the full article

Sacred Space and Ascension

Nearly every religion, culture, and spiritual or occult practice in the world will teach it’s followers that he or she needs a sacred physical space in order to facilitate spiritual growth.  This is old technology. Old in that it has been around for as long as we humans have.  So, what does it mean to … Read the full article

Is this website part of a religion or belief system?

No. is made up of information gathered, developed and brought in by Inelia.  She doesn’t subscribe to any religion or belief system. She does believe that religions are necessary for the well-being of the people who belong to them but does not recommend any religion for any reason. You can use the information in … Read the full article

Can I go into Oneness with the tools and information in this website?

The concept behind this website is to create all the tools and information you will need raise your vibrational frequency, and expand your awareness without someone giving you a personal session. How much you raise your frequency, or expand your awareness is a self-regulated path. We have had reports of individuals experiencing the state of … Read the full article

Is Ascension only for Lightworkers or can Darkworkers get a bit of the action too?

Ascension is the expansion of awareness to the state of Oneness.  Oneness encompasses all, everything, light, dark, male, female, night, day, all the polarities we have here on Earth are integrated, included in Oneness, and it doesn’t really matter what path the person has taken to get there, we are all included. Sometimes, the person … Read the full article

Ascension Worker

An Ascension Worker is a person who helps others through their ascension to Oneness.  Oneness being the state of experiencing life as one Universal being, one entity, something that has been described as Nirvana, Ecstasy, Life Force, and many other names. This ascension work can happen in stages and it doesn’t necessarily go straight to … Read the full article