A Present! Ascension Worker Workbook Enclosed.

Dear Visitor, As a token of appreciation for all the work you are doing to raise the vibrational level of the planet, I have decided to gift you with the Ascension Worker’s Workbook which you can find attached to this email. If your copy was not delivered (sometimes email servers remove attachments) please let us … Read the full article

Raise Your Daily Life Vibration: Chapter One

Dear Visitor, As promised in the previous Newsletter, here is the first video on a new series with the intent to bridge spiritual exercises, and practices to raise our vibration, to raising the vibration of our daily tasks by becoming conscious, aware and empowered while we carry them out. To watch the video and share … Read the full article

Call to Action – Collective Timeline

Dear Visitor, Earlier this month, August 2011,  we carried out an exercise for the Collective Timeline. This exercise is very simple and only a few minutes long, please join in its energy and spirit by doing the exercise yourself and also sharing it with your contacts. You can find the Collective Timeline Exercise on youtube … Read the full article