It’s HERE! My latest novel is now available for instant download :D

Hello Visitor, IT’S HERE!!! My latest novel “Interview with a Psychic Assassin” is now available in electronic format. Instant download available. Get it before the 28th to receive 20% off retail price. I write novels to impart otherwise inaccessible information which expands our minds and knowledge base on how Earth has been run. In this … Read the full article

Did you know?

Hello Visitor, A while ago you have purchased the talk about Moving into Resonant timelines: Upgrading Relationships. If you are particularly interested in upgrading your romantic relationship please use this coupon to get 20% for our course Love, Sex And Soulmates in the New Paradigm. On the checkout, when asked for a coupon enter this … Read the full article

Limitations, why do we create them

Hello Visitor, This Ilie :). I’ve just finished listening to Inelia’s talk about Limitations. I’ve been planning to do so for a couple of months, but always found ways to do something else :). When I was first introduced to the idea of us being the creators of our reality, I had a big resistance … Read the full article

Control and Manipulation

Hello Visitor, This Ilie, the web administrator at While I do handle the technical side of things, I also consider myself a “felow student” of what Inelia has published. As you probably know, three months ago we have launched the Walk With Me Now platform. Each month Inelia is publising a recording in which … Read the full article

Solstice Coupon Enclosed…

Dear Visitor, I love the Holiday Season. I’m not a religious person, and in fact I don’t follow any religious dogma. What I love about this season is the huge energetic opening at Summer/Winter Solstice, the way in which many cultures around the planet celebrate this time as Sacred, and also the giving and receiving … Read the full article

Remote Viewing Class now ready for download.

Dear Visitor, Now ready for download 😀 This class is one to get if you are interested in learning the knots and bolts of Remote Viewing, interested in learning how to develop this skill, and also  about alternative Remote Viewing methods used around the world which are not broadly advertised to the public. It was … Read the full article