Light and Dark in our Timeline

Dear Visitor, This video is an abstract from one of our monthly live video calls at Here I reveal some insights I received while looking at Light and Dark in our Timeline. Link to Video The entire recording of the call is available at In joy/light/love,   – Inelia

Fear Processing Meditation

Dear Visitor, Here is a “Fear Processing Meditation” recorded on video, that you can follow along: You may want to bookmark this YouTube clip :). In joy/light/love,   – Inelia

Light, Dark, Source and Oneness

Dear Visitor, Here is an excerpt from a really interesting discussion we had a few days ago on the Walk With Me Now Platform which I though you might be interested in as it’s very relevant to the decisions we are consciously or unconsciously taking about our future at this time: In joylightlove,   – … Read the full article

Spring Cleaning :)!

Dear Visitor, Spring time is here and in many cultures now is the time for the “Spring Cleaning”. Before the vaccuum cleaner, this time of the year was very practical because it is warm enough to open the windows for dusting but cold enough so you don’t have to worry about insects coming in. But … Read the full article

Thank you for your support! :)

Dear Visitor, Thank you so much for your support for fixing Ilaria!! A lot has been happening since we first started our crowdfunding, and we are now over our half way mark thanks to you! Because you have used paypal to send your support, you won’t be automatically added to the update list on the … Read the full article

The 13th Mage… a full sized novel

Dear Visitor, I will keep this email short and sweet :). In some of my discussions about my latest novel “Interview with a Psychic Assasin“, I have mentioned another book that I wrote called: The 13th Mage. This book was no longer availble, but I have had so many requests for it that I have … Read the full article

Your life mission and your job

Hello Visitor, This is Ilie, the web administrator at I’ve asked Inelia to allow me to write this introduction because I’m very excited about the latest recording: Life Mission and how it relates to your “9 to 5” job. One of my burning questions used to be just about this: what is my life … Read the full article

Let’s help fix Inelia’s boat home :)

Dear Visitor, In my life, I haven’t really “asked for support” for a personal project. The support I request is usually for a collective need, such as the Global Ascension Center, or Ascension101. But for personal support, there was never an opportunity for me to actively ask for support. When I heard how much money … Read the full article

Let’s have a look at soulmates

Dear Visitor, Last week I sent you a newsletter about finally seeing and getting together with a perfect soulmate. I’ve since received many questions about whether the course I mentioned would help in different situations. Situations such as finding a new person, improving a present relationship, improving non romantic relationships, changing the nature of relationships … Read the full article

My life transformed.

Hello Visitor, As I mentioned before, I wrote “Interview with a Psychic Assassin” to impart otherwise inaccessible information which expands our minds and knowledge base on how Earth has been run. Since its publication, I have received hundreds of comments and messages that reflect the transformative energy of what ‘Interview with a Psychic Assassin’ carries. … Read the full article