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Diamond Child

We are now familiar with the terms: Indigo child, Crystal child, and Rainbow child.  But not many have heard the term “Diamond Child”, or “Diamond Children”.  This is because, unlike their predecessors, a diamond child is not here to change things.  A diamond child will rarely bring attention to him or herself, and will often … Read the full article

Resolutions and Ascension

To resolve, to conclude, to reach a goal. The New Year is an optimum time for resolutions, the type that mean we decide to do something, reach a goal.  And in Ascension Work, there is no difference. We can decide to reach a certain goal this year. The only difficulty being that before we reach … Read the full article

Ascension is not a mental exercise

This site is dedicated to awakening and ascension information. By default we have to use our minds in order to absorb the information detail within this site.  However, the mind is very much part of our ego body and not a tool that will facilitate our ascension on a practical way. Yes, it will help … Read the full article

Humble Ascension

Being humble is a two edge sword. On the one hand, it is a positive state where the person concerned knows all is equal, everyone divine and life is wondrous, thus treating themselves and everyone and everything they meet with respect and acceptance. This person doesn’t need to be right, or wrong. He or she … Read the full article

When the Ego takes over

Ascension is the expansion of awareness, and Ego, if it takes over, will shrink one’s awareness. How can we tell if the Ego is taking over? There are signs.  We become judgmental, we make others wrong, we become someone’s victim, we get hurt and we hurt others. Ego is a necessary body for existence on … Read the full article

Intimate Communication and Ascension

Sociologists say that we all have intimate conversations on a daily, or regular basis, with an average of four people in our lives. These include emails, phone calls, text messages and IMs as well as face to face interaction. Who you communicate with is a co-creator of your reality and a big influence on your … Read the full article

Joy and Ascension

Joy is a conscious choice. No matter how you put it, the way we feel is how WE CHOOSE TO FEEL.  The concept that we are victim to our feelings, our surroundings and our reactions is erroneous. When we are in the depth of suffering or depression, or even anger or discontentment or frustration, it … Read the full article

Let life unfold itself to you…

Forcing things is going to bring resistance. A lot of our teachings and upbringing in the West has to do with working hard to get something out of life. However, to reach the ultimate goal of ascension, the opposite is true. You need to let go of results, expectations and hard work and allow life … Read the full article