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Who can start Ascension

Unlike previous times in linear history, our time, the NOW, you are experiencing is a time of huge high vibrational energy. This means that anyone who wants to can start their Ascension right now, right here.  No need for gurus, masters, initiation by a third party, going to a mountain top, entering a religious order … Read the full article

Ascension and Diet

Many ascended masters will tell you that you need to become a vegetarian before reaching Oneness. Or any type of spiritual ascension. Some will put other conditions, such as do not kill, do not take poisonous substances such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, pornography or violent films etc.. And also many will tell you not to … Read the full article

Terms of Use

Inelia Benz Web Site Agreement The Web Site (the “Site”) is an online information service provided by Inelia Benz (“Inelia Benz”), subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions set forth below. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE ACCESSING OR USING THE SITE. BY ACCESSING OR USING THE SITE, YOU AGREE TO BE … Read the full article

Sickness and Ascension

Does being in an ascended state mean your body will never get sick again? The body will continue to go through sickness and death whether you are in a state of ascension or not. It is much easier to cope with physical sickness when you are in an ascended state. This is because the vibrational … Read the full article

The meaning of life

What is the meaning of life? To EXPERIENCE LIFE NOW. We came here, to Earth, to experience.  Whether we are a diamond child, crystal, indigo, rainbow, or Earthly child, whether we are enlightened, materialistic, dense, light, can see angels or nothing at all. We are here to EXPERIENCE. What we came here to experience is … Read the full article

Non Duality and Oneness

What is the difference between “non duality” and “oneness“? These two terms are very often used interchangeably. However, they are not at all the same. Non duality actually means “not two”. Oneness means “One” To be “not two” means that the person has reached a level of awareness where they are no longer split into … Read the full article

Ascension and Death

Death is painful for those of us left behind. A person facing death can be in various states from extreme terror to ecstasy. But at the end of the day, our witnessing their state is going to end soon. For us, however, it is felt as a great and painful loss. The pain of the … Read the full article

Ascension and Groups

It was Jesus that was reported to have said something in the nature of “For where two or three are come together in my name, there am I among them.” This sentence promotes a 3D group. A savior is needed, or a deity or person to focus one’s love to, rather than existing as each … Read the full article

Saving the Earth – Saving Humans

There is a distinct preoccupation with saving the planet, humans and animals on Earth. When we are born here, we are instantly responsible for our environment, which is after all part of us. This is not the saving I am talking about. People suffer. Other people want to stop people suffering. They want to stop … Read the full article

Suffering and Ascension

Suffering and pain is part of being human. Pain will happen with injuries and loss. These can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Suffering is the attachment to that pain. As a human being we have lived many lives and had suffered every kind of injury, death and loss that is possible here on Earth. … Read the full article