The Sun and Sungazing

OK, I am trying to keep these articles short. But this one is a bit longer, so I hope you will stick it out and read to the end. It’s worth it 🙂 Several years ago, I shared my experience of Sungazing. Since then, I have received hundreds of messages and emails from individuals who … Read the full article

Who is waiting for us?

Who is waiting for us

While using the video “Reconnect to your highest frequency” during my work on some power objects that support the owner in their ascension process, I saw a vision. The vision was that of a group of people, all extremely high-frequency, all looking at us from a gap in the light/dark paradigm matrix. I felt into … Read the full article

Your Evolution is important to me

I spend every single day of my life creating tools and content for you to use in your self-work and evolution. Why do I do that? BECAUSE YOUR EVOLUTION IS IMPORTANT TO ME. There are other dynamics, apart from me creating power objects, sigils, novels, courses, classes, groups, podcasts, videos exercises, meditation, sounds, events, workshops … Read the full article