Are you waiting for the EVENT? Well, it happened.

Dear Visitor,     You heard it here first!   Many people have been predicting an event, or shift, to happen on Earth. The interpretations of the nature and shape of this shift varied greatly in scope and nature depending on who was seeing or sensing it.   I personally did not sense or perceive … Read more

You Are Amazing – a gift from me to you.

Dear Visitor,   I created this video for the folk at and want you to have it too 🙂 Share  and send to anyone who you feel it will support and help. It is only 30 seconds long, it is infused with healing energies and you will have best results if you play it … Read more

I am SO DONE with all this BS…

Dear Visitor,     Yup, this email’s title is designed to bring you here if you have been getting angry or/and have come to the end of your rope with regard the chosen games our human collective has been experiencing in your lifetime. You might have arrived here wondering why I am super angry all … Read more

Who & What Are You Forming Moment to Moment?

Dear Visitor,   Note: This is a class that Inelia previously offered at "A.W.A.K.E.N Academy".   Becoming a Conscious Creator of Self & Environment   One of the most radical scientific discoveries of the recent future is that we can literally change our DNA with our words. Coming close to this radical discovery is the conclusion … Read more

Did the chicken scratches get you?

Dear Visitor,   Chicken scratches? What on Earth is that, you might ask.   When we are actively embodying the highest vibrational frequency of who we are, life, people and situations will try to pull us back to low frequency co-creations. This happens because we have been playing low frequency games for thousands of years … Read more

Unlock your Manifestation Skills :)

Dear Visitor,   As part of our dedication to support your manifesting skills and abilities, we have put together a series of emails called the "Manifestation Series".   The purpose of this series is to empower you to move from unconscious manifestation to conscious manifestation and also to look at and dissolve any blocks that … Read more

Honor the Awakened Being in Your Body

Dear Visitor, In some countries, an awakened person is honored, loved and supported. Not many awakened individuals have experienced this in the West. It is time to do it. Let’s start with ourselves and allow it to reflect in our life. Let’s extend it to those who are awake around us, the ones who are … Read more

Join me at WWMN

Visitor, What on earth is WWMN? Well… let me tell you. WWMN stands for Walk With Me Now, our private and personal empowerment platform. It was born from hearing the strong call for joining and connecting with other individuals who carry a high frequency vibrational core essence and an empowerment intent for themselves and for … Read more

Processing Barriers – Video and Audio

Hello Visitor,   This is Inelia, I hope this newsletter finds you well!   It has come to my attention, at an increasing rate, that we are moving heavily into an area of time space that will present some challenges for us.  The way these challenges are manifesting for many individuals is through a sense … Read more

Ascension101 Yourself this Spring

Hello Visitor,   The energies on our beautiful Earth right now are very intense. The bridge between the old paradigm and the new paradigm is over and the push for individuals to start embodying their chosen paradigm is massive right now. This push will manifest in a way that depends on what vibrational frequency you … Read more