Processing Barriers – Video and Audio

Hello Visitor, This is Inelia, I hope this newsletter finds you well! It has come to my attention, at an increasing rate, that we are moving heavily into an area of time space that will present some challenges for us.  The way these challenges are manifesting for many individuals is through a sense of wanting … Read the full article

Ascension101 Yourself this Spring

Hello Visitor, The energies on our beautiful Earth right now are very intense. The bridge between the old paradigm and the new paradigm is over and the push for individuals to start embodying their chosen paradigm is massive right now. This push will manifest in a way that depends on what vibrational frequency you are … Read the full article

Embody the New Paradigm

Dear Visitor, In February 2017, I was busy and joyfully working on my new novel “The Return”, when suddenly and unexpectedly I get a big message to pause and listen. I ignored and carried on getting involved in the novel’s story, characters and their adventures.  A few days later, the same message…. Pause and listen. … Read the full article

What are spiritual predators?

Dear Visitor, When you begin your spiritual journey and as you progress on it, there will be times when you will feel alone, longing for acceptance, for guidance, for validation and for a group of likeminded people with whom you can discuss things that are relevant and important for you. These can be great opportunities … Read the full article

Touched by an angel :)

Archangel Gabriel: “This is such a beautiful spot!” Inelia: “Yeah, we come here all the time. Come sit next to me. I brought snacks and water. Actually, now that I think of it, you probably don’t need food or water right?” G: “While embodying a human form, I can need it. In my estimation, the … Read the full article

Interview With an Angel – the book!

Dear Visitor, We are very happy to announce that Inelia’s latest book is now published in our store! Get it now: Interview With an Angel This novel, based on true events and characters, is presented as part of the Extra-Ordinary Interview Series. The man in this interview introduces himself as Archangel Gabriel. The book is … Read the full article

The Hero Returns…

Dear Visitor, There are some insights that I can now share with you due to the decisions taken by the human collective and our own personal evolution (if you see this, it includes you). There are many ways in which we can evolve and grow as a person and as a species. I explore these … Read the full article

New Book: Weekly Empowerment Workbook

Dear Visitor, We are at a time of transformation.The world is shifting and changing every day. We know about manifestation and about creating our reality. We know that to reach our goals and achieve our dreams we need consistency and inspiration. I just finished creating a book to give you simple yet powerful weekly kits … Read the full article

E.T Phone home

Dear Visitor, If you want to meet an E.T. all you have to do is… look in the mirror 🙂 Our physical bodies are made out of Gaia, they are “of Earth”, but most souls are not from this planet, which means that the majority of our human collective is actually extra-terrestrial or ultra-dimensional (from … Read the full article

Wealth Lines – are yours clear? :)

Dear Visitor, Why discuss the wealth lines? Because currently they are our support system. We will evolve past the use of money but for now it’s what we have. It’s the easiest way for us to have energy exchange. Perhaps not surprisingly so, the relationship we have with ourselves reflects in how much abundance we … Read the full article