Discover the Magic within You…

Dear Visitor, In December last year I noticed that there was interest building about one of my first books which was out of print. The book is called “Are You a Witch?“I was working on the second edition at the time, making sure it was still current as well as fixing some typos and formatting … Read the full article

Want to know my powerful spring ritual?

Dear Visitor, Want to know my powerful spring ritual? I Ascension101 myself every Spring! How do I do this? I simply re-do the Ascension101 course! The winter is over and we traditionally Spring-clean our homes. Out with the old, in with the new! Fresh flowers replace cluttered, dusty surfaces. Home feels great. But what about … Read the full article

What will you be doing for Valentine’s day :)?

Dear Visitor, Valentine’s Day is a very interesting day. It’s supposed to be associated with romantic love and it’s a time when couples do something “special” together: they give each other gifts, have a romantic dinner or make a trip out of town. It is also a day when people who are not involved in … Read the full article

Why do we do what we do?

Dear Visitor, As we get busy with our daily lives we sometimes lose sight of our motivation. We forget the “why” behind our actions. For me the “why” has always been clear. I do what I do because I want you to empower yourself. I want to remind you that you are a powerful divine … Read the full article

The Shamanshack

DearVisitor, After costs, the proceeds from my December 2015 event are going toward the manifestation of the Shamanshack. What is the Shamanshack? A while back, guidance asked me to go check out a blue/grey prefabricated house. I had seen the house on Highway 101, between Port Angeles and Sequim, Washington. We went to see it … Read the full article

Death and Manifestation

Dear Visitor, This video is an abstract from one of our monthly live video calls at Here I reveal some insights I received while looking at the reasons behind why we die might be linked to our personal manifestations in life. Link to Video The entire recording of the call and much more is … Read the full article

Rocket Fuel Your Manifestation Ability

Dear Visitor, In 2006 something radical changed in the human collective consciousness. This radical thing was that the word, and concept, of “manifestation” became known and “normal” in Western culture. The reason was the book and movie “The Secret”, by Rhonda Byrne, which became an overnight sensation. Millions of people started doing the “manifestation exercises” … Read the full article

What controls your manifestations?

Dear Visitor,   I have just published the latest MP3. I consider it to be problably the most significant and empowering recording that I have created in my life. And I highly recommend you listen to it.   To make this as accesible as possible, for two weeks we have an automatic 50% discount for … Read the full article

Interview with Inelia and Larry

Dear Visitor, Just want to let you know that myself and Larry did a super fun interview with our friend Lance White. We share some interesting stories about manifestation, relationship and stepping into the new paradigm. Unfortunately we only had one hour available 🙂 Enjoy: Video: In joy/light/love,   – Inelia

Have a look…

Dear Visitor, Here is a fun little project that we have been working on. It is now close to a year since we have opened the doors to “Walk With Me Now” and below you will find a presentation of what is it about and an invitation to join us: If you have any … Read the full article